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Behind every successful venture is a team of visionaries, strategists, and executors.

At ForkPoint, we are more than just a collection of individuals; we are a united front of innovators, thinkers, and doers. Our developers are the keystones of creativity, transforming complex challenges into seamless solutions. From the meticulous eye of our marketing specialists to the strategic prowess of our sales experts, each member plays a vital role in sculpting the future of digital commerce. Our founders pave the path with leadership that inspires, and a vision that guides.

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Pavel Pavlov

Stanislav Kostadinov

Kiril Kirov

Plamen Mihaylov

What Our Clients Say



CIO, Home Products Retailer

"The collaboration with ForkPoint was a success, and the team delivered a well-functioning platform. They managed the workflow and communications excellently, producing a remarkable partnership experience. Above all, their involvement and diligence were crucial to the project's success."



"Great work done! The speed at which the team generates the projects and delivers effective solutions within a remarkably short timeframe is truly impressive. The efficiency displayed in bringing our ideas to life promptly deserves commendation. Kudos for their swift and efforts!"

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Role Overview

As a Web Developer with around 3 years of experience, you will take an active part in the full development lifecycle – construction, documentation, testing, and deployment. You will be working with Lead Developers, QAs, and DevOps teams to understand the functional requirements and high-level technical details, and to produce efficient, robust code meeting the client requirements.

To keep it short, below are three key responsibilities:

Technology Stack Used & Required Experience:

The Rest of the qualities, you know them:

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