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The information and key competencies required of each of us to grow are increasing every year.
Over the past eight years, we have trained over 15 junior programmers in our company and we’ve helped everyone find the best way to build a solid foundation of:

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Our Mentors

Stanislav Kostadinov

Stanislav Kostadinov

Meet Stanislav, a former jumper turned programming guru. With a high-flying background as a university lecturer and more than 7 years of invaluable contribution to the company, Stanislav brings the cards straight to the table.

Ivaylo Kamenarov

Ivaylo Kamenarov

Ivaylo, another programming professional, former lecturer, and avid runner, seamlessly blends his commitment to education with his passions. As a pivotal member of our company for over 5 years, he provides a unique viewpoint that motivates developers toward both intellectual and physical excellence.

Your Ultimate Web Experience

With us, start your web development adventure! With the help of our internship, you will improve your front-end and back-end technology abilities through practical experience, experienced mentoring, and a collaborative environment. Come evolve into an expert in your field and launch your career in an environment that encourages learning and development.

Learning and Development

Our internship program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the tech industry.

Career Growth and Opportunities

Set out on a path of career advancement to seize limitless prospects. Our internship programme serves as a springboard for your future career in web development, not just an educational opportunity.

Work Culture and Environment

Discover a work culture that values innovation, diversity, and continuous learning. We believe in nurturing talent and providing our interns with an environment that encourages creativity and growth.

Internship Requirements

Time Commitment

Interns must be able to commit to a specified minimum number of hours per week. This ensures consistent engagement and contributes to the overall learning experience and project completion.


The intern should demonstrate a strong eagerness to learn and adapt to a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. This includes being open to new ideas, processes, and technologies.

Communication & Teamwork

Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, are crucial. The intern should be able to collaborate effectively with team members, contributing to group discussions and projects.

Analytical Skills

Strong analytical skills are essential, including the ability to tackle complex problems, analyze data effectively, and develop innovative solutions.

Attention to Detail

A keen eye for detail is important, ensuring accuracy and quality in tasks ranging from data entry to project development.

Fun Requirement

A pronounced appreciation for coffee or tea is encouraged, symbolizing a readiness to engage in the social and energetic aspects of the workplace culture. This humorous requirement underscores the importance of integrating into the team and enjoying the day-to-day experiences of the internship.

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Career opportunities

Role Overview

As a Web Developer with around 3 years of experience, you will take an active part in the full development lifecycle – construction, documentation, testing, and deployment. You will be working with Lead Developers, QAs, and DevOps teams to understand the functional requirements and high-level technical details, and to produce efficient, robust code meeting the client requirements.

To keep it short, below are three key responsibilities:

Technology Stack Used & Required Experience:

The Rest of the qualities, you know them:

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