Why work with us?

Technology agnostic

Unbiased towards the use of different technology tools, to better solve our client problems.

Career path

Strong believes in competences - not in titles. If you are not afraid of being a leader or want to solve complex problems, this is the place for you.

Team member

  • Building strong united teams!
  • Being a team player!
  • Reliability!


Embedded mentoring withing the company DNA. You will always have someone to rely on.

Friendly atmosphere

Not just co-workers - we are friends! Drinking beer could be hard work sometimes!


Regularly assessing our work and our developers, making sure we are all on the right track.

Hard workers

We know what is most important for our clients - being able to rely on us. And we believe so!


We do know that sometimes you need to work from home or start later. No problem! We believe in productivity.


Because we want to give you more, we offer - food vouchers, health insurance, team buildings and a lot of other cool stuff!

Current Vacancies

Junior Web Developer

If you know what you want, and you have already spent some time in learning and training - let us help you start your dream job.

Senior Web Developer

The Web is your second home - come and find some soulmates.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer

If you are experienced with SFCC and you are passionate about it - come and check on us! We want to talk to you!