DWith Ease

Makes the Business Manager a happy place!

This extension is designed to be used during development.
It is advisable that you do not use it on Staging and Production instances.

Store Sandboxes Store your sandboxes

You can store all of your sandbox instances, and use individual options for each of them.


Sandbox Options Sandbox Options

1.This will make your session never expire after the 15 minutes period in Business Manager.

2.This will automatically log-in Business Manager whenever the login screen pops up.


Secured Password Secured Password

Your passwords are stored securely using AES encryption and are never visible in plain text once input.

Note*Passwords are optional.However, keep in mind that you will not be able to use the automatic login functionallity.


Rocket_Fying_32 Smart Popup Shortcuts

Gain faster access to most popular pages or quickly edit your sandbox.


Right_Arrow_Square_32 Helper Context Menu

Right-click context menu, to gain faster access to most popular pages.


Select Site Select Default Site

Specifies a site to be selected upon log-in, to disable this function, leave blank.


Select Site Import / Export

Import & Export your sandbox configurations in JSON config file, if you do not want to loose your settings.Passwords are not exported.


Account Lock Protection Account Lock Protection

The extension stops auto login process immediately after wrong password which protects your account from getting locked.Re-check your credentials and try again.


Notifications Notifications

The extension will notify you if you visit a demandware sandbox which is not saved or if the password input is wrong.You can turn off notifications in the options menu.


Enhanced logs

Today and yesterday logs are now reordered on top of the logs page and are highlighted.If this option is enabled it also highlights most important words on logs.

Apply/Update Hotkey

You can use CTRL + S hotkey to instantly click the update/apply button on Product edit and Content asset edit pages.

Recreated buttons on development

Recreated New and Delete buttons in System Object - > Attribute Definitions.
Recreated New Attribute Group form and Delete button in System Object - > Attribute Grouping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Demandware with ease?

Demandware with ease is an extension build to speed up and enhance your personal expirience using the Demandware eCommerce Software Platform.

What is the current browser support?

We currently support only Google Chrome, but we have future plans for other browsers too.

How to setup a sandbox configuration?

There are 3 ways to setup a sandbox configuration:
  1. Left click on the extension icon and select New button.
  2. Left click on the extension icon and select Add Sandbox Configuration button.
  3. Right-click on the extension icon and select Options, from there click the New Sandbox button.

Are my passwords secure?

Yes. Your passwords are stored securely using AES encryption and are also hidden in plain text once input.Doing export on your sandboxes also clears your password for security reasons.

Do I have to set a password?

No. However, If you dont present a username and password, you will not be able to use one of the core functionallities - Automatic Business Manager Login.

Can I use the extension in staging and production?

Yes. However, we recommend using the extension only for the Developers and Development sandboxes.