DWithEase: Sandbox Configurations

Demandware with ease is a Browser extension, intended to ease your use of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C platform, and a tool, which aims to eliminate the repetitive boring actions that you have to do daily. With that in mind, we built a functionality, that helps you easily manage and use your sandboxes!

All domains that contain the ‘.demandware.net’ part, are recognized as a sandbox. Whenever you visit such domain for the first time, you will receive a notification to help you save that sandbox in your configurations.  The extension was initially intended to work with sandbox configurations, allowing you to easily perform specific actions, like Automatic login in Business Manager, quick links to Context Menu, or any quick link to a specific place, tied to your domain.

  • Sandbox Group – allows you to group up your sandboxes, very handy when working on multiple projects, or if you want to separate your PIG instances.
  • Sandbox Name – you can name the configuration whatever you like, this field is not involved in any functionality
  • Username – your specific sandbox username (used for Automatic Login)
  • Password (optional) – Unlocks functionalities that require the extension to authenticate you
  • Storefront password (optional) – Automatically authenticates you when you visit the Storefront
  • Domain – your sandbox specific domain, used to construct quick links in Context Menu functionality.
  • Aliases – allows you to add aliases to your configuration. All entered aliases domains will be treated as the main sandbox configuration.
  • Keep BM Session Alive (on/off) – indicate if you want to keep the session alive for this sandbox configuration
  • Automatic Login In Business Manager (on/off) – automatically login you in Business Manager, if the login form is present, and the configuration has a password provided

Note: Groups and sandboxes can be repositioned with drag and drop.

When you are done saving your first sandbox configuration, it will instantly become available to use through the options page, as well in the extension interactive popup. Read more about it here.