DWithEase: Business Manager Toolbar

We all want to do more tasks, in less time. The Business Manager is one of the places where a lot of people spend their time configuring and maintaining their Commerce Cloud stores. It consists of a lot of deeply nested pages and menus, that takes some time to reach and use. This is where DWithEase comes in handy! The extension adds one additional header under the original menu, so you can do your job faster in any page you want! The menu has two states – if you don’t have a selected site, it will show you only the available menus from Administration, and if you do have a selected site, you will see all available menus at once.

Presenting you the DWithEase Business Manager Toolbar

The menu consists of one of the most popular/visited pages and can be opened from any page you want. Here is a short overview of each menu when opened:


The menu allows you to see the visibility of your currently selected site, and turn it on/off directly from the toolbar. You can also invalidate your static content and entire page cache for the site using the buttons below.

Search Indexes

Start a rebuild of your search indexes and watch reindex progress in real-time on your currently selected site.

Code Versions

See which is your current active code version, and activate any code version at any time!

Cartridge Path

You can see your active code version Cartridge Pool, as well your current Business Manager or selected site Cartridge Path. You can rearrange it with drag and drop, then directly apply your changes.

We have a lot more planned to be featured in the Business Manager Toolbar – Global Import/Export, Search Bar, and more! Stay tuned!