DWithEase: Interactive Popup

Demandware with ease comes with another easy shortcut, that allows you to easily reach your sandbox configurations, along with other useful links – interactive popup!

You can open the popup by left-clicking on the extension icon in your browser extensions toolbar.

The following actions are available:

  • Add new sandbox configuration
  • Open Options page
  • Open XChange / Documentation
  • Open / Edit saved sandbox configurations
  • View saved configuration context menu

Left-clicking on saved configuration title will open the Business Manager homepage using the configured domain in a new browser tab.

The popup has two different UI view choices, so you can decide on how to view your sandbox groups and configurations. The setting name that controls it, is Sandbox groups display mode and can be found in the extension Options page.

List View

Tabs View

Dark Mode – List View

Other great shortcuts are available when you hover over a saved sandbox configuration – quick edit, or quick reach of the context menu shortcuts. By clicking on the context menu, the configured links from extension Options -> Context Menu, will be available as quick links using the configuration domain.