Who are we?

ForkPoint was established in the beginning of 2015 and is now a steady growing e-commerce consultancy. Our long term vision is becoming the preferred partner in developing e-commerce products, solutions and integrations. We aim at solving those complex problems that nobody else wants to solve for our customers.

Being in the software business for more than 10 years we have proven ourselves as a reliable consultant and creating ForkPoint is the focal point in our journey ahead. Working for more than 5 years in projects for worldwide retailers has given us a world-class hands-on experience in the sphere of e-commerce.

We are eager to help you build an offshore team in Bulgaria. Bulgarian software developers are one of the most reliable, problem-solving and result oriented people you can meet.

We were involved in some complex e-commerce B2B and B2C integration solutions connecting commerce platforms with different third-party services, аnd we have built various shipping, payment, analytics and user behavioural integrations.